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Eloos Power 2019

27/28 November 2019

Eloos Power 2019 – Brazil

On November 27 and 28, our affiliate company Sipcam Nichino Brasil promoted Eloos Power, an event that brought together the main researchers in Brazil working in the area of Plant Physiology and Nutrition. The objective was to integrate the researchers with the MKT Team of Sipcam Nichino Brasil to share ideas, innovations and experiences with Biostimulants, and propose with awareness, innovative solutions to the challenges imposed by Brazil’s agriculture!

Results from last season of BlackJak, Abyss and Stilo Verde in different Crops were presented and discussed strategies. The event was also important for the integration between researchers and Sipcam Nichino, who had the opportunity to notice how excellent opportunities we have with Biostimulants in Brazil.

The importance and investment that Sipcam Nichino is making in the area of Plant Physiology and Nutrition are one of the company’s major differentials in this segment in Brazil. We understands that the research and development will make the success of new technologies in Brazil.

The external participants were: Dr. Carlos Azania (IAC), Dr. Danilo Franco (FARMATAC), Prof. Marcio Domingues (R&D), Dr. Marcelo Jordão (Fundação Pró Café), Prof. Marcelo Silva (UNESP), Prof. Pedro Henrique (USP) e Prof. Victor Hugo (UNIFEOB).

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