Why use Blackjak

Improving quality and quantity of yields by:

  • Stimulating root development
  • Chelating macro and micro elements
  • Reducing spray tank pH
  • Increasing brix in several crops
  • Improving soil structure
  • Stimulating activity of fertilizers and pesticides
  • Being suitable for all types of irrigation systems
  • Leaves “green up” faster and absorption quicker when mixed with foliar fertilizers
  • Helping crops produce well when subjected to stress factors created by unusual climate conditions
  • “Softening” several herbicides, at the same time maintaining or improving weed control
  • Being compatible with plant protection/ nutritional products in spray tank, including acid fertilizers
  • Promoting more uniform yields in (field experiences with potatoes produce fewer small tubers and more uniform large tubers)
  • Treating seeds that germinate quicker with higher percentage of crop emergence
  • Safe and easy application through all stages of plant growth from seeding to harvest
Blackjak Bottle